Sunday, 7 April 2013

Advaita Vedanta

There is an incredible concept in the Hindu School of Philosophy called Advaita Vendata. The basic definition is 'Advaita' means oneness or non-duality, or pure consciousness and 'Vedanta' is self-realisation. It's well-worth checking out, it's a truly beautiful philosophy. This piece was influenced by it's premise.

Like a lonesome leaf floating in the breeze, 
Engraved with sacred marks of individuality.
Like the fish who tirelessly swam across the treacherous tides, 
Not fearing death, or wave, or foe, only spirit as their guide.
Like a bird that had flown the nest and circled intrepid skies, 
Without need, or want or request, soaring with sunrise.
Like a tiny granule of sand almost invisible to eye,
Who shines and glistens silently, radiates joy to curious eyes.
Like a fragile beam of light retracting on crooked landscape; 
Just a fragment of impenetrable rays, 
Perpetual motion to those who care to gaze.
Like a translucent, tiny drop on a volatile tidal wave, 
Emerging and sounding a subtle echo, disappearing with all it gave.

For all things are of the same thing whatever that thing may be

Some call it stardust, some collective soul, and others simply call it 'we'
And in awakening of oneness and non- duality
We must also find our own purpose; the meaning of being 'me'
And we are unique and yet somehow, the same fabric of the whole.
Individual purpose in collective consciousness is often a complex goal
But our lives are not an undertaking we are carrying solely,
And on this long and intricate journey peace drifts in slowly.