Saturday, 19 October 2013

Ain't Got No Time For Poetry

Ain't got no time for poetry, 
When the days twist with monotony,
When the nights blend with mystery,
There just ain't no time for poetry.

Ain't got no space for viewing art,
Trying to keep it together, not indulge the heart,
Trying to keep things in place, not another false start,
There just ain't no space for viewing art.

Ain't got no use for politics,
They play their games and make their tricks, 
Knowing context ain't how I get my kicks,
There just ain't no use for politics.

Ain't got no need to philosophise,
To contemplate is only a guise,
Gotta keep progressing,  just avoid their eyes,
There just ain't no need to philosophise.

Ain't got no cause for feeling love,
I tried it once and took a shove,
The hand that gave always wore a glove,
There just ain't no cause for feeling love.

Ain't got no dream I need to live,
Do what I can, give what I can give,
It's myself I never learnt to forgive,
There just  ain't no dream I need to live.