Tuesday, 28 January 2014

And I Ain't Growing Any Wiser

The days are moving fast my friend,
And I ain't growing any wiser.
Looked in the mirror to etch a trace, 

But well, it was a forgotten face,
But the eyes, they gave the game away,
And the heart ventured a whisper.
And the crooked half-smiles of the night that beguiles,
As purity falls from grace.
And it's angles, angles, angles my friend,
Crooked and jagged and sure.
And it's angels, angels, angels my friend,
Fresh from dews' diamond skies.

The months are moving fast now ma,
And I ain't growing any wiser.
The days, and waves, and sun on your back,
The sands of time, how they shift, 

Each wave meets it's shore,
Indeed each grows, crests, then flows away.
And it's waves, and waves, and waves, now ma,
Fragile, tempestuous and pure.
Like waves, and waves, and waves now ma,
Of all those swift goodbyes.

The years are moving fast now pa,
And I ain't growing any wiser.
Though stillness, reflection, kindness, seeps -
Growing and unfolding.
And it's silence, silence, silence now pa,
Calm, consciousness, and pure
And it's echoes, echoes, echoes pa,
Of all those beautiful souls.