Thursday, 28 January 2016

I imagine

Sat at computer screen I do nothing,
But imagine.
I imagine blissful scenes,
I imagine what-could-have-beens,
I imagine my head with reams
Of knowledge I can only dream.

I imagine a big pay day,
I imagine what I wanted to say,
I imagine those I hold dear
Reply with words I need to hear.

I imagine loving arms,
I imagine you meant no harm,
I imagine the refused,
The endless people being used.

I imagine infinity,
I imagine destiny,
I imagine expectation
Of fantastical exploration.

I imagine planets meeting,
I imagine beasts retreating,
I imagine men beating chests,
Their fragile call out to wilderness.

I imagine we are light,
I imagine enlightened sight,
I imagine famine and war,
Where we know what we're fighting for.

I imagine I didn't lose you,
I imagine nightmares are true,
I imagine how birds feel
When wild skies are their Achilles heel.

I imagine old hands with wedding rings,
I imagine old ghosts in new buildings,
I imagine infinite time and space,
We go back to the start where we can retrace

Wordsworth said imagination lets us ‘half-create’ worlds,
While Blake saw it as crucial to understanding the world.
The ‘Mental construction’ of reality,
Is transcended and broken free,
By imagination, which is eternity.*

*'We go back to the start where we can retrace everything' references the Mayoruna Tribe as documented in Amazon Beaming and their unique relationship with time through ritual.

*”The ‘Mental construction’ of reality is transcended and broken free by imagination, which is eternity” references William Blake’s views on reality and eternity

What's in a name?

‘What’s in a name?’ you ask.
Descending brink of vicissitudes,
Counting out existence in half-baked ideas,
Sweating over half-drawn maps,
Scrawled with delight at escapism.
Life isn’t here, it’s there, always there,
In plain sight and just out of grasp.

A forgotten night laid open a mouth of
Broken promises with best intentions.
One final amble back.
Perhaps our foraging feet
Will guide us to tranquility,
Or is it clarity?
More likely calamity.
But hope springs eternally.

I no longer know day from night,
Some ex nihilo confusion
The precise form of void*.
Sleep drifts wandering eyes
That wonder at stars,
Comets warn*.
Dreaming of meteorites
And dancing moon.

‘What’s in a name?’ you ask
Trembling feet freeze concrete,
Mind fetters out and weeps in,
‘My name is my existence.’

*’I no longer know day from night, some ex nihilo confusion, the precise form of void’ - refers to the philosophical debate as to whether the universe was created ‘exnihilo’ (out of nothingness or the void) as in the bible, or from space; as in quantum theory.

*’Comets warn’- refers to the Ancient Greek Folklore belief that Comets were a warning of bad news.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

New Micro Poem Collection

The masks we wear

We plaster a false clay mask over clenched faces, 
And hope it's edges don't break 
From cracks our biting lips hold together.

For more micropoems and poetweets, swing by and check out my brand, spanking new micropoem blog here

X x

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Hello again

Hey folks,

Hope you're well,

I've taken a bit of a hiatus from this blog as I spent 2015 writing a poem a day for the Sketch A Day Project. Following on from friend and artist Jane Moore's Sketch A Day Art Collection, I interpreted 'sketch' in poetry each day throughout 2015. 

I'm delighted it resulted in my first collection, published by Alba. Released in February 2016, the book brings together a selection of poems and artworks from each collection. If you're interested in grabbing a copy, you can order at The full collection of poems (if you're feeling brave) is also uploaded here

This year, I'm continuing with Sketch A Day; this time working each day towards one epic poem. There's lots more research this year ;-)

While I'm tapping away at that, I'll reinstate this blog and check-in here with random yarns for the road so be sure to swing by X x