Sunday, 28 February 2016

We hope it's enough

We breathe in time,
And out the moments
We can no longer find
In pale eyed fantasy,
Forgotten dreams
And tatters of another.

We hold on to one another,
And try to feed the flame of an idea,
Afraid the world will extinguish it,
Out of our clutches to dance the howling breeze.

We count out our fortunes,
We edit our retelling.
We hope somehow to please ourselves,
And to please another.
Seek out light but pull the cover
Up over ourselves.

We bleed,
We need,
We love,
We hope it's enough.


I see your name lit up on the screen,
Somehow it takes on new meaning,
Things I wanted to say,
Cares of yesterday
Roll out of today's sides,
We take it in our stride.

The to-do list is still untouched,
Seeking wisdom, quoting such and such.
So in pretence, I can claim
Tail ends and remnants remain.

But I can't remember your voice,
I imagine you're spoilt for choice.
I just about remember your eyes,
Measure each other up for size.

Taking tentative keyboard hustles,
Straining veins and ego's muscles.
Now we're names lit up on a screen,
In reality, what could that mean?

Friday, 12 February 2016

New micro-poems up on the blog

Chasing Shadows

We chase shadows and the poses
Of some far-off dream,
As we’re ripping the seams
Out of beautiful reality,
That’s in our grasp.

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Monday, 1 February 2016

New micro-poems up

We care

We care.
Perhaps too much,
Perhaps we don’t always show it,
Perhaps we can’t.

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