Thursday, 31 March 2016

Fame is a fickle game

Here's a new poem based on the fame-hungry culture.

Recommended serving: With this bad boy 

They worship you on a crumbling pedestal
In free bar, filter-photo delirium.
All kisses on the cheek and hugs with a squeeze,
And wide-eyed adoring on bended knees.

But between platitudes and after parties,
Weekend benders and pouting selfies,
Who is it exactly that they adore?
Give it your all and they still need more.
And who is it in this whose got your back?
Where are the old friends you had back
In the day, that glorious blaze,
Albeit a golden, twisted haze.
The skint, dreaming times,
And 4am rhymes,
And never enough tomorrows.
Must success mean sweetened sorrow?
And what does success even mean,
I don't perceive it the way I glean
Is the way it's figured out.

A vacuum of illicit wonder,
And that hammer to fall you feel yourself under
When everyone wants their pound of meat,
From the champagne reception to the meet and greet.
Where a 'big announcement is coming up'
Burning eyes and strumming up
Interest with big talk,
You'll have to swagger, not walk.
Glistening forks pick the bones out of you,
What's in any of this that's true?
Only you.

If I were you, I'd want to explore,
Shake it all off, slide out of the door.
And dare to look up at the crisp night sky,
Breathe in the world and let your soul sigh.
Dance velvet streets and awaken once more
To the things that still are true.
I reckon you'd find it's still you.

Monday, 28 March 2016

New micropoem up: A heart that claims it's complete

There's a sky that says we won't be beat,
There's a longing in a heart that claims it's complete.

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Friday, 25 March 2016

New micropoem up: An infinity of a free moment

Stars danced a glimmering, dancing spectacle,
They craned their necks in awe. 
And for a second, forgot. 
Lost in an infinity of a free moment

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

New micropoem up: Love is art

This the end, this the beginning,
This the floundering of our winnings.
This confusion of ground falling apart,
This is love and love is art.

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New micropoem up: A Perfect Moment

They lived in shadows of what-might-have-beens, 
Danced wild flicker at in-betweens,
And gazed out for a perfect moment.

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A kid in leafy suburbs starting out,
The leaves that were green when we started out
Have faded now.
‘I wonder how
The city streets will find us.
Days sweep over ties that bind us.’
She clung to shadows of in-betweens,
Family dinner table ‘Eat your greens’,
And so much left unsaid.
‘What was it that he said?’
‘We need to be moving on’
She recited,
Forever felt like the uninvited guest,
Available for all requests.
‘What is it you came here to do?’ he asked,
She coolly waved and walked on past him
And all the dreaming.

Chased shadows that flew mountains,
Lost hours of endless days.
Scraping life out of lush green,
In summer hewed haze,
They’d lived true.
‘What is it you came here to do?’ he asked,
She couldn’t answer.

‘We need to get to living now’, he said,
Sucked in his gut with those ‘Come to bed’ eyes.
Circumventing pale skies.
And her quantifying loss,
Of an old bedpost’s new knots.
They breathed in peace,
And out naivety.
Each day clambering
New extremity
It gets you through.
‘What is it you came here to do?’ he asked.
‘I can’t be sure anymore’ her whispered reply,

‘Are you living green?’ canvas people asked,
As she crawled out from the underpass.
All graffitied up angry wall rants.
Of new philosophies that felt scant
Of an insight she could sight out,
‘I don’t know if I’m living green,
I don’t know what that even means
On the grander scheme of things’.
‘You call this living at all?’ he pined,
Her face felt weathered, she justified
Dreaming of another,
Etching light from soothing covers.
It gets you through,
‘What is it you came here to do?’ he asked.