Thursday, 27 October 2016

Called To Answer

"Do you know what it is you seek?"
"I don't sir, I'm afraid.
The concrete slabs of parted pathways,
Spilled garbage in dark lanes
Strike me somehow as I dream and
I'm stabbed with plastic forks.
The mirror tells a different story,
The make-up brush quick strokes"

"Do you know what you were sent here for?"
"Apologies Sir, I don't.
I knew it at another time,
I'd look into a stranger's eye
And find a kindred spirit,
Piece by piece be drawn within it.
I tell myself a different story now,
That I must make not seek meaning."

"Do you feel your decisions thus far have led to your situation?'
"Although I sometimes ponder that, it strikes me as a combination 
Of decisions made and a path laid by fate,
I'm playing the hand that's dealt me."
"We're all playing that same game, child.
What matters is how freely."

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