Thursday, 3 November 2016

No Orgreave Inquiry

This poem is about the recent news that Home Secretary Amber Rudd has decided there will be no inquiry into the confrontation between police and miners in Orgreave in 1984. This decision is said to be based on the fact that there were no deaths. I can only hope this is reconsidered soon.

That day, there were no fatal wounds,
No fading pulses.
No final calls for mothers,
No "Quick, we're losing him."
In the weeks that followed, no funeral processions,
No wreaths and no mourning.
No widows and no wills.
But there was death alright.

The Grim Reaper stood in empty doorways,
Sought retreat in boarded-up windows.
Gathered in men's eyes and remained,
Chipped away at families until they were torn apart.
Hope was dust and to dust it returned. 
Ashes ripped through old work shirts strewn over bedroom chairs.
Make no mistake, there was death alright.

Death to an ideology,
Death to a hometown,
Death with no inquest.

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