K Maguire: Poetry and Procrastination


I've been writing poetry for as long as I can remember and have been published in numerous publications and collections, including Every Day Poems, The Guardian, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine and Cannon Poets.


My debut collection was a collaboration with Artist Jane Moore; the Sketch A Day Poetry Book published and available to purchase at Alba . More info on the project here
The book is taken from a set of daily poems I wrote throughout 2015. If you're feeling brave, the full collection is here.

Current writing projects

Twilight Scrawls
A 3-part book of philosophical poems that brings together eastern and western schools of thought to explore spirituality in the modern age.

Where are we now?
A short collection of social commentary and political poems.

The Epic of Anthropia 
A Modern Epic Poem bringing modern current-affairs and global news content to the conventions of Epic Poetry.


I'm also available for commissions and collaborations - just drop me a line at sketchadaypoetry@gmail.com or through the contact form on this blog.

Myself and fellow Poet Jan Noble co-edit a regular poetry feature at Whatscene Magazine. If you have any poems burning a hole in your desktop you would like to be considered for publication, inbox the Facebook page on the link with 1-4 pieces and a brief bio and we will be in touch. Preference is placed on London-themed poems.

This blog is the spot to catch my latest yarns.
I also regularly update this micropoems blog with poems that are designed to fit into tweets.

Social Media Pages
Swing by my Facebook and Twitter for updates ;-)

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