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Sketch A Day Project 2014
In 2014, artist and friend, Jane Moore started the Sketch A Day Project. As her New Year's Resolution, she sketched a new piece every day for the year. 
Check out the full collection of artworks here.
They were exhibited at Shapes in Hackney Wick, January 2015.
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Sketch A Day Project 2015
In 2015, I came on board to interpret 'sketch' in poetry and wrote a new poem every day throughout 2015. We're delighted that this resulted in the Sketch A Day Poetry Book, published by Alba, bringing a selection of each collection together. 

The idea behind the book is to celebrate the idea that art can capture a moment in time unlike any other. It brings together a selection of spontaneous images from two different perspectives; each interpreting 'sketch' in their respective art form, (poetry and visual art) as a snapshot of a year in the life of myself (2015), Jane Moore (2014) and our collective context. 
You can order a copy by mailing
If you're feeling brave, the full collection of poems, that's all 365 pieces from 2015 are uploaded here

Check out the Sketch A Day Poetry Short Film here

Press Release

Sketch A Day Project 2016
Throughout 2016, I'll continue to write for Sketch A Day. This time it's working each day towards one modern epic poem. This one combines a lot more research with the writing and takes the conventions of the traditional epic poem and brings modern content to it.

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